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ATX Original Grannies

YaYa, The So•fist•acated G!
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About Me
  • She’s the prissy one of the bunch!
  • She prefers grilled cheese over PB&J sandwiches.
  • She has several mugshots… 🙈
  • You’ll most likely catch her with an ankle monitor on! 😩
  • You may run into her at Nordstrom Rack or Neiman Marcus Last Call.
  • She will kindly escort you out of her house.
  • Her family is her world, but they know who is boss.
  • She has several businesses, but she’s the life of any party!

Has been quoted saying…
“ … and who gone check me poo?!”
“Girl, bye!”

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🔆Praiscilla, The Singing G!
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About Me
  • Praiscilla was born with a microphone in her hand; although, it never gets turned on. She is innately shy; but, you’ll never know it the way she swerves through a room.
  • An avid church goer; Praiscilla loves to croon an old gospel hymn. She’s a church lady with a fiery tongue and stays on the ready to give it as well as she gets it.
  • Praiscilla marches to the beat of her own drum and is most comfortable behind the scenes; although, she seems to be a natural born performer.
  • Not much of a fashionista; Praiscilla often mixes and matches prints to create her own style. Her turn up can be over-the-top; so, she is often seen clutching her grab-n-go faux pearls to help her ‘turn down’
  • She loves to eat and claims food as her bestest friend. A uniquely complex G, she is a tad bit quirky, a lil’ naïve, loves to laugh (out loud) and is known for being quick-witted and sharp-tongued.
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MawMaw, The Gangsta G!
About Me
  • Born pretty, so she does pretty ish!
  • You might find her with a beat face, nails glossy, and a hairdo for the Gawds!
  • Oh, she puffs hella pretty too. She’s been known to blow her cigar smoke in the shape of a heart, gosh darnit!
  • But don’t let that pretty stuff fool you. Maw Maw once had a fight at the church during Sunday School, and still stayed for11:00 service. The congregation carried on, because they knew better.😂
  • You may catch her at home, dressed in her moo moo and house shoes, as she prepares her famous dressing for Sunday dinner at the church.
  • Sometimes, on Fridays, she goes to the bingo hall with a group of lady friends. She even meets up with some old buddies of hers some Saturdays at the HEB parking lot to get on the bus, going to the casino.
  • She feisty, sassy, classy, Mrs. Hereford if ya nasty! She used to be called “Trudy,” because she rode a horse and carried a gun. Now she’s simply, “Maw Maw,” because she carries a gun for fun!
  • You may catch her twerking at any given time, but in her own words to her grand babies, “She ain’t gone party all night on Saturday and not serve the Lord on Sunday!”
  • Did we mention she’s feisty??
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