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About Ashes

ASHES, THE Cigar Lounge

Ashes, THE Cigar Lounge! is the realization of proprietor Yonneque T. Zeno’s vision of a trendy, yet warm and relaxed establishment where the cigar experience is enhanced by fine humidor selections. Cigar enthusiasts will find a king & queen-style atmosphere with inviting ambiance where members and guests can enjoy a cocktail date, catch up with friends or make new ones. Ashes, THE Cigar Lounge! sets THE standard as a premier destination in Austin, Texas for cigar enthusiasts. As a semi-private establishment, we hold our members and guests to high standards befitting the experience that is Ashes, THE Cigar Lounge! Come and enjoy the lifestyle as We Puff Pretty, Too!

Mission Statement

Ashes, THE Cigar Lounge is a premiere cigar lounge that offers a warm and sophisticated social experience for brothers and sisters of the leaf. While we offer the most popular cigar brands, we also extend the Ashes experience with premium cigar blends and boutique cigars to our highly esteemed customers. The ownership will create a unique, trendy and enthusiastic atmosphere that will channel to our membership and guests. Our goal is to open our doors to anyone interested in joining the cigar culture lifestyle and experience.
Yonneque Zeno | Proprietor